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Welcome to Honeytreat limited

Honey Treat Limited is an indigenous company. The company is endowed with latest state of the art innovative technologies and human resources for building and civil construction, Interior and external design finishing of building projects,supply of goods and services all over the country.

The company is committed to been a world class technical service provider and consulting company with a focus on environmental development and management. Our operational spectrum includes; Building construction, Civil construction, interior and exterior finishing of building projects to project management and e.t.c

who we are

  • Our approach starts with practical and executable construction designs and management methodology that eliminates project implementation delays.
  • Our knowledge of local customs and working climate enables us to provide innovative solutions in planning, design and project execution phase respectively, thereby keeping implementation programs on track.
  •  We carry out studies and developmental services using practical innovative skills to solve our client’s problems.


Building and Civil Construction Services
-Construction of Buildings from foundation level to completion -Construction of civil work -Construction of Drainage channels -Projects Assessment and Evaluation -Cost management and monitoring
Interior Design and Space Decoration
-P.O.P Screeded walls and ceiling -Wall claddings -Kitchen cabinet,other furniture works -Floor finishes -Balusters Railings and Stair cases construction -Lightning effects and etc
Environmental and Hydro Services
-Water and wastewater systems and treatment plant design -Cleaning services -Drainage system cleaning -Supply of building and civil materials I.e sands,Fabricated Blocks, Cement and etc

Executed Projects

May 3D floor finish
construction of weighbridge
construction of weighbridge
May 3D floor finish
Sales office at Leventis House,
Sales office at Leventis House,

Nigeria's Top Construction & Civil Engineering Company

HoneyTreat Limited is Nigeria's top building construction and civil engineering company in Lagos that specializes in Engineering designs, Interior designs and Renovation works.